Abandoned Property Due Diligence and Compliance 

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Compliance procedures and policies need to keep pace with changing and complex abandoned property laws and your company's priorities and resources. Take time to speak with our experts to learn about   solutions that make sense.

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Abandoned Property Advisors, LLC, is uniquely qualified to develop the best means to address due diligence and facilitate communication with newly found owners.

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 Abandoned property law is an ever-changing landscape. having  knowledgeable resources at your side can be invaluable in shaping your response to these challenging conditions.  Leave nothing to chance. Call us-we would like to help.

 About Us

Abandoned Property Advisors offers customized programs to help corporations and financial institutions ensure compliance with unclaimed property laws and regulations in the US and Canada.  Our strategy is simple--recommend and provide services that make sense.   Our solutions are flexible, adaptive, cost-efficient, and satisfy applicable regulations.  "No two companies are alike.  Our recommendations and support services are customized to meet our clients goals and resources," says Carol Irvine, President of Abandoned Property Advisors.  "That's where partnering with a firm focused on the best interests of the owners of unclaimed assets, combined with advanced technology and an experienced team ensure a cost-sensitive and effective method to reduce risk, locate owners, and satisfy applicable abandoned property regulations."  

Mission Statement

Abandoned Property Advisors, LLC, is committed to creating and implementing abandoned property compliance solutions that make sense for our clients. We develop an approach using the combination of our resources and theirs, creating a customized approach that fits every organization's due diligence, compliance and cost objectives.

Contact us  today at (866) 950-9229 to learn more about APA's comprehensive compliance solutions.
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