Current on All Abandoned Property Regulations & Laws

States have the right to impose interest and penalties for the failure to remit abandoned property accurately and on time. Don't allow this to happen to your organization. When you rely on Abandoned Property Advisors, LLC, you stay up-to-date on all changes in laws and regulations in order to maintain compliance and reduce risk.

Initial & Annual Compliance

Our organization facilitates reporting to all states and jurisdictions for qualifying first-time filers or those previous filers faced with reporting a new property types. This also applies to newly enacted abandoned property regulations.

Abandoned Property Advisors, LLC, delivers the most cost-effective abandoned property reporting services covering all jurisdictions and property types. Click here for a list of the classes of property that are subject to reporting.

Proprietary Technology

Serving corporations small and large, fiscal agents, and insurance, brokerage, and mutual funds companies, we use proprietary analytical and reporting software designed specifically to keep up with varying state dormancy periods and filing deadlines. The system compiles the data into report formats that meet the unique requirements of each state.

Contact us today and learn how your company can mitigate risk and procure compliance at low or no cost.