Annual Compliance Services
Annual Compliance Services

APA, led by a unique team of legal, industry, and technology experts, provides companies with the customized services and systems critical in today’s complex regulatory environment to accurate annual compliance and elimination of risk.

SEC 17Ad-17 Lost Securityholders Rule

APA facilitates compliance with SEC 17Ad-17 requirements for non-responsive owners and RPO accounts through the most accurate national databases. Our technology includes state-of-art account tracking and management critical to ensuring compliance and eliminating unnecessary expense.


State abandoned property laws now require life insurance companies to match their policyholder records against the Social Security Death Index Master File (DMF) for deaths not reported by beneficiaries and to make reasonable efforts to locate and pay benefits to those beneficiaries. APA offers comprehensive data search services that meet all state requirements, including fuzzy logic searches and in-depth research for beneficiaries.


State and provincial governments continually expand and amend abandoned property laws and regulations. Clients receive reliable advice and solutions when confronted with audits and other compliance challenges such as non-reported property types. 


Companies are required to keep pace with complex and changing abandoned property laws. With a proprietary system, continuously updated as jurisdictional requirements pass, APA ensures clients accurate and timely reporting at the lowest cost.